10 Possible Causes of Shoulder Blade Pain


Shoulder blade pain can occur as a dull, sore, aching, or shooting pain. It is usually not a serious problem. However, in severe conditions, it can be an indicator of a severe condition. Pain between the shoulder blades is usually the most common symptom. The discomfort associated with shoulder blade pain is clinically referred to as interscapular pain.

Do you feel pain under your shoulder blade regularly? With working from being the new norm, the amount of people that experience shoulder blade pain has significantly increased. Working from your room under any posture has increased the risks of developing shoulder blade pain. In some cases, combining working from home with household chores contributes to the development of shoulder blade pain.

Although back pain beneath the shoulder blade mostly occurs due to straining the muscles in the upper back, other factors may play significant roles. To be completely free from the pain associated with shoulder blade injury, it is important to first find out the cause and identify its symptoms.