Is Adult Swaddling Right For You?

Adult Swaddling Overview

Adult swaddling is a Japanese act known as adult wrapping or otonamaki. This practice was created by Midwife Nobuko in 2015 to help new parents see the importance of swaddling babies. In recent years, swaddling has been linked with other relaxation and health benefits.

It would help to know that adult swaddling and infant swaddling are not the same things. Infant swaddling is a practice recommended by paediatricians to reduce stress in babies and help them sleep.  A 2017 study showed that it is important to wrap babies in a blanket when saddling them and ensure they lie flat on their backs. Experts say the practice reminds babies of the comfort they experienced in the womb or their parent’s arms.

Adult swaddling involves being wrapped from head to toe in mesh cotton sheets. It also involves being placed in a fetal position. The Swaddler will softly roll or rock you in the swaddling room.

Why do adults love swaddling? Does it have any health benefits? This article will provide answers to these questions and more. Read on to find out.