When Would You Need Salvage Therapy?

What Is Salvage Therapy?

Salvage therapy is a term that describes any treatment you receive after treatment has failed. It can be in several forms, depending on what condition you are treating and your overall health. Salvage therapy is also known as rescue therapy. It isn’t a specific treatment or medication. The term is used to describe treatments given to people who are not responding or can’t tolerate other treatments.

Salvage therapy can be in different forms depending on the person and condition. Generally, salvage therapy would involve medications that are known to have more side effects than earlier treatments. It could also be in the form of experimental medications or those that are under scientific trial for a condition.

Your salvage therapy could include chemotherapy, medications, radiation, surgery, and more. Experimental medications and clinical trials are also considered salvage therapy. Once your doctor discovers that your original treatment approach is ineffective, they will administer salvage therapy. Your doctor will discuss with you details of what it will look like.