Geriatric Massage Therapy – What To Know

Massage therapy for the elderly is known as geriatric massage. This kind of massage takes into account a person’s general state of health, any underlying medical issues, and any medications they may be taking.

In this article, we examine the potential advantages of geriatric massage for you or a loved one. Additionally, we offer advice on where to locate a licensed geriatric massage therapist in your area.

Geriatric massage – what is it?

A form of supplemental or alternative therapy is massage. Although they are not thought of as a part of conventional medicine, they might be another kind of intervention that aids in managing your health issues.

A person who is elderly specifically benefits from geriatric massage. When getting a massage, older folks need to take particular care. When customizing the massage, a massage therapist will take into account the person’s individual health issues as well as all the effects of aging.

Note that geriatric massage does not have a one-size-fits-all methodology. Everyone has varied health issues and levels of overall fitness.