When Do Babies Start Clapping, Waving, and Pointing?

When Does a Baby Start to Wave, Clap and Point?

When your baby imitates the gestures and sounds of people, it is not only a cute expression. It is a way of learning how to communicate without speaking. It is a sign that her motor is developing. This is what happens before she learns how to communicate via speech.

  • Waving: In most cases, babies start to wave when they are nine months old. It could be any waving: bird-like flap, funny, or regal wave. If you notice your baby moving her hands, it shows her communication skills are developing.
  • Clapping: Babies also start to clap around nine months. It mainly occurs when they see you clap. So, it is an imitation reaction.
  • Pointing: After nine months, your baby will start to point at things she loves. It may seem negligible, but it’s a way of saying, “I see something, and I want to have it” or “Hey, I see something, and you should see it too”. This gesture is called “joint attention” or “shared attention.” If your baby can point at things around nine months, it means her development is impressive.

It is essential to know that your baby will not only point at things she’s interested in or wants you to notice, which is impressive. But she will also point out when she wants to do something. In some cases, she will point at things she remembers or things that catch her attention. Some babies can identify danger and point at it. She won’t stop pointing at moving objects or animals on a tree. To avoid hindering the development of your baby’s motor [1], you must avoid certain foods [2]. Also, you must allow your baby to learn these communication skills at her own pace. You can take several steps to boost your baby’s development [3]. These steps include: