Bloated After a Workout: Causes, Treatment and Prevention


This is the feeling of tightness, fullness, and sometimes pain in the stomach. Physically, the belly may or may not seem swollen; it may also cause the belly to look irregular in shape. Bloating is a temporal state of not feeling comfortable in the belly area that goes away after a while. However, bloating is a serious problem for people with fluctuating hormones [1] and digestive problems. Bloating does not only occur after a workout.

After an extensive workout, the endorphins are flowing, sweat is dripping and there is a sure feeling of being energized. However, sometimes instead of feeling all sleek, slender, and elegant. There is a feeling of fullness and this phenomenon is called post workout bloat. There are various causes of fullness after a workout, and how it can be managed, and how to prevent it will be properly discussed in this article. Also, apart from workout bloat, there are other causes related to bloating, and the required treatments and preventive measures to take will be analyzed in this article.