Does Stretching Burn Calories?

Dynamic Stretches before a Workout

You can incorporate soft aerobic routines and dynamic stretching into a warm-up routine before exercise. It helps to elevate the temperature of your core and boost muscle flexibility. [5] A warm rubber band can stretch farther than a cold rubber band before breaking. The same logic is applied to the muscles during stretching. Your muscles can stretch further when their temperature is increased. Your exercise professional will advise you to start with soft aerobic routines, such as cycling, walking, and jogging to increase the muscle temperature. After a while, you can perform more intense activities, such as backward leg swings and arm circles [6] to make the muscles warm.

Static and PNF Stretches before or between Sets

You can do static and PNF stretching before working out, during resistance training, or between breaks during sprints. It would help to hold any stretches for 30 seconds to prevent muscle injury.


You can perform any type of stretching to improve the health of your muscles and burn calories. It helps to combine stretching with other intense activities to tone your muscles and boost the elasticity of your joints. You can incorporate stretching into your workout sessions.