10 Potential Benefits of Kombucha


So, what comes to mind when you think of kombucha? A wine, soda, or something weird? Let me save you the stress. It’s possible you’ve heard about kombucha, maybe you aren’t sure what to make of the name. It’s also likely you know about it but need more facts to complete your repertoire. Kombucha is simply a fermented drink produced from black or green tea. The tea is fermented with a type of bacteria and yeast. The bacteria and yeast combination is called SCOBY, meaning symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. It looks like a beige mushroom

Kombucha is of yellow-orange color and is fizzy due to carbonation. The drink is normally sweet but, depending on preference, you could choose to add sugar to the drink. Kombucha has been identified with drinks of much value to health, and part of this hype is linked to its abundant probiotics. Shortly, we’d take a critical look at the possible benefits attached to the consumption of this healthy drink. [1]