Greek Yogurt for Breakfast: 10 Healthier Toppings

Breakfast is possibly the most important meal of the day, but most breakfasts in the United States are not particularly healthy. Greek yogurt is part of those that are. Many nutritionists recommend consuming some amount of Greek yogurt in the morning before heading out. This is because Greek yogurt is considered highly nutritious. Greek yogurt contains [1] a high amount of proteins, exceeding the amount present in most regular yogurts. It also contains a lot of calcium that can help strengthen the bones and probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that help your gut function better. Many of those present in Greek yogurt are already a part of your gut’s natural microflora and will not cause any digestive problems when you consume them.

Some people also believe that Greek yogurt can help you lose weight. It is a fat-burning food with high protein, but it is unlikely to do this on its own. If you are trying to burn more fat and calories, it is wise to pair it with physical activity and other fat-burning foods. For this purpose, plain Greek yogurt is thought to be the best form of Greek yogurt. Most nutritionists and doctors generally recommend plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt, regardless of what you need it for. If you have tasted Greek yogurt before, you probably know that plain Greek yogurt does not have too much going for it when it comes to tastiness. You can correct this by adding toppings to your Greek yogurt. The challenge with this is that you risk going overboard or going completely wrong by adding unhealthy toppings. This is why most nutritionists recommend plain Greek yogurt. Thankfully, there are many healthier toppings you can try with your yogurt. This article will discuss 10 healthy toppings for your Greek yogurt. Read on to find out.


Dates [2] are sweet fruits. They carry that sweetness wherever they are introduced. They are low in fat but contain a great amount of sugar and other nutrients. The sugar content means you only need to sprinkle a small number of dates into your Greek yogurt before eating.