Manuka Honey – Benefits & Use

Bees are able to remove highly nutritious pollen from a flower called Manuka and from this flower produce a particular type of honey that has been shown to have many health benefits. Original from New Zealnad, Oceania, this honey promises many health benefits to the body as it is capable of boosting health and assisting in beauty care. [1]

Some of the benefits of Manuka honey are listed below:

Healing Abilities

Manuka honey has been praised for its ability to heal wounds. According to a 2014 review by Foods magazine, Manuka has effectively been employed in treating infections, post-surgery wounds, fire and acid burns, and even ulcers, and this is mostly due to its high levels of compounds that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. This honey helps some burns heal about four to five days faster than other common traditional methods, and it may be even more effective than an antiseptic in healing wounds that get infected after surgery, according to a Cochrane review. [2]