Top 10 Foods That Are Low in Carbs

Carbs (also known as carbohydrates) are an important food class required for normal body function. They provide the body with energy to carry out daily activities and form an essential part of most diets. While the body needs carbs to function properly, too many carbs in the diet can be bad for the health. This is because they can contribute to body fat.

The body either breaks carbs down for energy immediately or stores them for use later. If the body doesn’t break them down for use immediately, it stores them in the muscles and liver until they are needed. The excess carbs the body doesn’t use are eventually converted to fat [1]. Too much fat in the body can cause health problems.

Research shows that eating foods with low carbs in them have a lot of health benefits. According to some studies [2], low-carb diets can help with weight loss up to three times more than diets low in fat. Eating more low-carb foods can reduce how hungry you get. This can also help you achieve weight loss quicker and reduce your need to keep track of calories. Other studies have also found evidence that low carb consumption may help reduce blood pressure [3] and blood sugar [4]. It can also help with cholesterol management by boosting your good cholesterol levels. This article discusses some of the best low-carb foods you can find.


Salmon is a popular fish included in several diets for its health benefits. It contains zero carbs [5] and plenty omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for boosting cardiovascular health. Salmon is packed with a lot of lean protein, antioxidants, iodine, and vitamin B12. It also contains a fair amount of vitamin D3.