Top 10 Low Sodium Foods


Sodium is a nutrient in food that is essential, but the body requires it in small quantities. This is because, just like any other thing, too much sodium in the body is not healthy, and it can lead to some serious health conditions like heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and even make heart attack a possibility. High Blood pressure has been one of the vices of excess sodium in the body is why one is expected to monitor their sodium intake as they age since the blood pressure of a person generally rises as they age.

Sodium may not be easy to avoid even though you know excess of it is bad for you. This is because a lot of food has sodium, even some foods you wouldn’t think. However, there is some specific food with a large quantity of sodium that you can decide to avoid. Some foods are naturally low in sodium that you could add to your diet.

Here are some low sodium foods you should consider taking more of.