Do Strawberries Really Whiten Teeth? 

All you need do to whiten your teeth is to find proper oral care and use the right products.

There are numerous teeth whitening products and supposedly healthy remedies online, and one of the more popular ones involves whitening teeth, using a paste that has strawberries [1] as an ingredient. The question now is, should you actually try it? And is it effective?

In truth, strawberries as a teeth whitener may do more harm than good. There are plenty of other available and affordable solutions for cleaning your teeth and ensuring a dazzling smile without hurting your tooth enamel.

Continue reading this article to learn about why some people believe strawberries are a good teeth whitener, why you should avoid it, and what is best for you to try instead.

Do Strawberries Whiten Teeth?

The idea that using strawberries to whiten your teeth works did not come from nowhere. Strawberries do have properties that would hint at their effectiveness as a teeth whitening agent.

Strawberries that are ripe contain citric acid, [2] which is proven to give the teeth a whiter appearance. However, citric acid is known to accelerate the demineralization of your teeth. What this means is that citric acid breaks down your tooth enamel, which nullifies any benefit of teeth whitening.

Another property of strawberries is malic acid, which is also present in apples. Malic acid is a natural enamel whitener.

The issue is that strawberries do not exactly contain any ingredient that can actually take stains off the teeth to whiten them.

Rubbing strawberries on your teeth may create an illusion of a whiter teeth for a period, as your teeth are scrubbing clean from plaque and are gleaming.

The effect of strawberries on the teeth is superficial. And your teeth will return back looking like they did before you used it.