Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Generally, Medicare [1] does not cover dental services as it seems to be very expensive. People who have Medicare plans have to pay for the dental services they receive. Some parts of Medicare however cover the cost of some dental services you might receive in the hospital. Read on to know more about Medicare’s coverage for dental services.

What Types Of Dental Care Services Does Medicare Cover?

Medicare covers dental services you might need when you are hospitalized. These dental services are required when you are being treated for an underlying condition. Some examples of these dental care services Medicare covers may include:

  • Reconstruction of the jaw when a tumor has just been removed from the face
  • A dental examination is needed for heart surgery like a valve replacement
  • Dental examination before a kidney transplant
  • Reconstruction of the jaw when you get injured in the face.

Medicare covers all of these services because they are needed to treat an underlying condition (which is normally covered by Medicare). Medicare will however not cover any subsequent dental services after the underlying condition has been treated.