Does Medicare Cover Dentures?

Medicare & Dental Service

As you grow older, you become susceptible to certain health disorders. For example, tooth loss and tooth decay are more common in older adults than in younger adults. According to research, in 2015, over 35 million people had lost all their teeth and over 178 million people in America had lost at least one tooth. People who suffer from tooth loss may experience other health conditions, such as pain, poor diet, and low self-esteem. Experts often recommend dentures, a procedure that positively affects your health in many ways, like increasing the strength of the jaw, controlling the structural pattern of the face, boosting your ability to chew, and helping you smile comfortably.

General Medicare doesn’t pay for dental services, such as dental equipment like dentures. But, other Medicare features like standalone dental insurance and Medicare Advantage standalone dental insurance policies may help completely or partially pay for your out-of-pocket costs for dentures.