10 Possible Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is quite common amongst people into dieting, weight loss, and healthy living enthusiasts. Green tea is produced from the same camellia sinensis leaves used also to make oolong teas and black teas. However, green tea does not undergo the withering and oxidation process as oolong tea and black tea. Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world due to the high level of antioxidants present in it.

Increase chance to lose body fat

A lot of fat-burning supplements and diet plans contain green tea because of its trusted ability to help lose body fat. Green tea contains properties that boost metabolism, which in turn increases the rate at which fat burns in the body. A study was conducted involving 10 healthy men. [1] This study showed that the consumption of green tea extract increased the amount of calories burned by 4%. The caffeine property in green tea may also enhance physical performance by deploying fatty acids from fat tissue and making them available for use as energy.