4 Tips on How to Prepare For a Mammogram

Undergoing regular mammogram screenings can help detect breast cancer early. It is common knowledge that early detection of breast cancer increases rate of survival. There are different types of mammograms, the most common one is digital mammogram. Some feel nervous or anxious before a mammogram screening, especially if this is their first time. However, it is important for medical doctors to make them know that, they have nothing to be afraid of.

Doctors at women’s care perform mammograms every day. A mammogram uses x-rays [1] to snap pictures of the interior portion of breast tissues and it is an imperative procedure that can assist radiologists and the doctors who read the mammogram detect breast cancer. Early detection is not only important to allow your doctor treat the breast cancer [2] efficiently, it also offers patients the highest possibilities of remission.

Irrespective of how often you have undergone mammogram, preparing for it in the appropriate way reduces anxiety and gives more accurate result. Experts have come up with several tips on how to make women feel less anxious and prepared for a mammogram screening. In this article we will be discussing just 4.

Every woman should know when they feel tender

The first tip to get prepared for a mammogram section is understanding your body’s routine. Women should schedule their exams at times when their breast is least likely to be tender. It is commonly during the week after menstrual period for women that have not gone through menopause [3]. Breasts are likely to be tender the week before and during menstrual period. Therefore, the best time for a mammogram is the week after your period. It becomes easier to get accurate results if you know when you feel tender. Mammography utilizes x-rays so the breasts are compressed between two plates to make sure that clear image is gotten. Mammograms can be very discomforting, so it is better to do it when the breasts don’t feel tender. Weeks before menstrual period the breasts could get tender or swollen, if a mammogram is done, the woman will feel discomfort, pain and sometimes bad images are gotten.