7 Healthcare Providers Who May Be In Your Delivery Room

Women want to be surrounded by family and friends on the day of their delivery. But it is important to know the healthcare professionals that will be in the delivery room. The doctor you chose plays a big role in delivering the baby.

There are several healthcare professionals that are clinically trained to deliver a baby when the time comes. Midwives undergo special training and receive license to practice. It is important to consider certain factors such risk of having birth complications before choosing which health care provider should be in your delivery room. In this article, I will be talking about healthcare providers that should be in the room during delivery

Doctors or midwife


This is mostly someone you know and have a certain relationship with before giving birth. This person should be your main practitioner or at least you should have developed a relationship with. Women should make sure they ask their doctor or midwife about their call schedule. If they have back-ups or if you can see these people. It is also important to know if your doctor or midwife have any vacation or time off at the day or near the day of your delivery. The chances of meeting your practitioner on the day of your delivery depends on several factors. Knowing the back-ups will help relieve any form of stress. It also allows you to ask any special request or birth schedule before the day of your delivery.