Epsom Salt Detox: Benefits and How It Works

Epsom Salt Detox and the Benefits

A salt detox is not the same as simply pouring table salt into your bathtub. Salt detox baths are made of Epsom salt, which allows minerals to remove toxins from the body. Supporters may claim that soaking in an Epsom Salt bath can extract harmful toxins and balance the body. They also suggest that it helps with:

  • Managing weight
  • Increases health and wellbeing
  • Gaining relief from sore muscles
  • Relaxation

Epsom salt can easily be mistaken for table salt, but it is a completely different compound. Epsom salt is made of both sulfate [1] and magnesium [2], whereas table salt is made of sodium.

The biggest benefit of Epsom salt is Magnesium absorption. Although there needs to be more studies to confirm that your body can absorb magnesium across the skin, in a 2004 study that involved 19 participants, it was discovered that magnesium and sulfate levels in the blood increased after a bath with Epsom salt. Other benefits of Epsom salt detox include:

  • Softer skin
  • Relieve muscle soreness and pain
  • Helps relax
  • Laxative
  • Splinters
  • Magnesium balance

Epsom salt has reportedly been used for over 400 years, ever since the English farmer discovered the “bitter water” in his wells had remarkable healing properties on skin injuries and rashes. Keep reading to learn more about Epsom salt.