Is Mouthwash Bad for You?


Mouthwash is also referred to as oral rinse or mouth rinse. It has antibacterial ingredients to wash between the teeth and other ingredients that give it a flavor. In some cases, they may contain alcohol as an inactive ingredient, while others have no alcohol.

Mouthwash can cause several side effects in some people. These side effects may outweigh the relevance of using over-the-counter mouth wash as part of your daily routine. Some people complain about the chemical dyes and flavors in several brands of oral rinse. Generally, mouthwash is good for you.

Mouthwash is commonly used to treat bad breath, but it is important to know what causes halitosis. It is majorly caused by certain foods we consume such as garlic, curry, sauerkraut, and blue cheese. Bad breath can also be caused by bad hygiene, smoking tobacco, and inadequate brushing and flossing.