Showering Daily- Is It Necessary?

This question is a frequently asked question. Many people believe that showering daily is important to stay clean and have good hygiene, while others believe it removes the natural oil present in the body and desiccates the skin.

This debate began on social media, when some influential people said they didn’t think it was necessary to bath daily, the whole social media began to argue about it. Some people agreed that showering every day is not compulsory, while others reacted strongly calling them disgusting and they need to get a good hygiene.

In 2020, a study was done and it was discovered that approximately 25 percent of people in the United Kingdom stopped showering every day during the pandemic.

What Do Experts Think about Showering Every Day?

Doctors advise patient that showering daily is important for social reasons, but it is not completely necessary for your health. Bathing once a day is enough for most adults and children to be on a socially acceptable level of personal hygiene [1] and cleanliness. The skin is self-cleaning organ [2] and it naturally exfoliates itself. Washing the body helps to remove physical stains and reinforce the idea of cleanliness, but it is not compulsory.

Showering every day will help you smell nice and clean, but washing the body from head to toe every day is not going to make you fresher.

Showering every day can cause certain harms to the skin, they include; dryness, skin microbiome disruption, infection and irritation. Bathing daily makes the skin dryer than normal, especially when you don’t moisturize after.