Hydroxyzine: Uses, Side Effects, And More

Hydroxyzine is a medication prescribed by doctors to relieve itching caused by allergies. As an antihistamine, it works by impeding or reducing the activeness of a particular natural substance, known as histamine. Your body synthesizes this natural substance when you experience an allergic reaction. The medication is also prescribed by doctors to relieve anxiety or to make you sleep properly before and after a surgical procedure.

How do you take Hydroxyzine Hcl

Hydroxyzine is administered via the mouth. It is important to use the drug as prescribed by your healthcare provider. In most cases, you would be asked to take the drug three or four times every day. When taking the drug in liquid form, you must measure the dose with an accurate and specific measuring spoon/tool. Doctors advise patients not to use a household spoon, because it does not give a correct dose.

Certain factors will be considered before your doctor prescribes hydroxyzine. For example, how you respond to treatment, your age, and the presence of any underlying conditions significantly affect what dosage you use. Avoid reducing or increasing your dose without getting a go ahead from your doctor.

If the drug does not improve your condition or your condition worsens after taking the medication, you should report to your healthcare provider for more options.