Types and Diagnosis Methods of Foot Pain

Brief Introduction and Types of Foot Pain

Several pains [1] are related to discomfort in the feet. Each pain usually has a specific location and a reason why it happens. After a good evaluation of the feet and pain, a doctor is able to determine the course of action, and treatment with specific corrections.

In terms of its frequency, this pain is less common than pain in the back and in the leg in general, but still, quite often it is the reason for contacting an orthopedist or rheumatologist.

Among the possible causes [2] of pain in the foot are the consequences of trauma, overweight, age-related changes in the joints, as well as various diseases of the joints of the foot and toes, most often these are:

    • arthritis of the joints of the feet ;
    • arthrosis of the joints of the feet ;
    • heel spur ;
    • plantar fasciitis;
    • tendinitis, tendovaginitis, tendosynovitis;
    • flat feet (longitudinal or transverse);
    • Bursitis of the Achilles tendon.