10 Most Common Symptoms of Anxiety

Concentration Issues

Many individuals with anxiety typically report issues with concentration. According to research that involved 157 children and teens with generalized anxiety disorder, it was discovered that over two-thirds had problems keeping attention.

In research that involved 175 adults with the same condition, it was found that 90% of them reported having issues keeping concentration. Individuals with severe anxiety had more problems keeping their attention.

Research [11] proved that anxiety could affect working memory, a type of memory that holds short-term information. This condition may explain the decrease in performance of people during times of high anxiety levels.


There are various ways to indicate the presence of anxiety in an individual. It’s imperative that once these signs are observed, treatment for the condition commences. Some common natural ways to reduce anxiety without consulting the doctor include eating a healthy diet, limiting caffeine intake, stopping alcohol, and exercising often. Please ensure that you consult a doctor first before taking any medications.


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