Long Face Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

What are the causes of facial hyper divergence?

Long face syndrome can be caused by several factors. The exact cause of the syndrome is unknown. However, experts suggest that it can be caused by severe nasal obstruction.  When you have chronic nasal obstruction, you lose the ability to breathe through the nose. As a result, you have to breathe through the mouth. It is usually caused by tight nasal passages or swelling of your adenoids (a tissue located behind the nose) [5]. Frequent breathing via through can result in pulling of your jaw and face downwards. In some cases, continuous breathing through the mouth may cause your tongue to rest against the incisors and alter the structure of your jaw.

Experts say more research needs to be done to understand other causes of facial hyper divergence such as genetics and sucking the thumb. Some experts suggest that genetics might elucidate why children or teenagers who breathe via their mouth experience the syndrome over time.  The syndrome can also be caused by a combination of several factors.