Tetracycline Teeth Stains: Everything You Need to Know

What is tetracycline?

This is a group of medications that was discovered in 1945 and was first administered in 1948. It is an antibiotic that is mostly used for the treatment of strong and life-threatening bacterial infections. It is considered a good treatment for infections such as ear, bronchitis, sinus, and urinary tract infection. It can also be used as a combination with anti-ulcer medications to treat certain types of stomach ulcers.

In the olden days, doctors prescribed this drug for both young and old, however, various research has shown that it has side effects and including discoloration of the teeth of children. It is therefore advised that this medication should not be administered to children below the age of 8. It should also be noted that it is not the only antibiotic that causes stains. Antibiotics like doxycycline [1] and minocycline [2] may have similar effects.