10 Proprioception Exercises for Balance and Strength

Proprioception is the ability of the body and limbs to sense its movements, actions and locations in the environment. It is referred to as kinesthesia. The main function of this ability is to prevent injuries and falls by improving the body balance and geographical awareness. It also helps athletes to improve coordination, agility, and time of reaction and also helps improve balance.

For kinesthesia [1] to work properly, there must be a close relationship between the tissues, nervous system [2] and proprioceptors. [3] These proprioceptors help to deliver information related to movements, positions, force and environments to the brain and they are positioned on nerve endings of muscles, joints, skin and tendons. Proprioception may reduce due to age, injuries and diseases, which causes injuries and falls to occur more often. There are different types of exercises for strength and balance. [4]

Also, for people who have been injured or have gone through surgical operations, there is specific stay-at-home exercise that help to improve proprioception. These exercises include:

Reverse Lunge

This is a leg and bodyweight exercise that works on the muscles of the lower body. This exercise sculpts and strengthens the backside. It helps the knee stabilize over the toes.

Steps: Firstly, stand up on your feet and place your hand on your hips. After that, put your weight on your left foot, and then take a step back with your right foot. Make sure the knee is 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground, and your left leg should also be bent at exactly 90 degrees. Push your heel and squeeze your heel to lift the body back to the start position and continue this process 8-12 times.