Tire Workouts: What You Need To Know

Tires are important equipment that can be used to work out. It is important that you do not restrict yourself to the equipment you see in the gym when working out. Working out with tires helps to increase the strength of the entire body. Advanced gymnasiums all over the world have included tires as part of their workout equipment as they consider it a very vital equipment. In this article, we will talk about some tire workouts you can try out and the benefits you get from this workout.

Getting the Right Size of Tire

It is important that you get the right size of tire that will not stress you during workout. When trying tires for the first time, you should start with tires with smaller sizes. These kinds of tires can be gotten from cars or commercial trucks. After working with smaller tires, you can move to larger tires depending on the level of your strength.

If you are finding it difficult to work out with a particular tire, you should drop that tire and go for a tire with a smaller size. This is important as it helps you avoid injuries. You should go for tires that match your strength.

Tire Workouts You Can Try

Below are some examples of workouts you can try out with a tire:

  • Decline Push-Ups: This exercise is a more difficult form of the normal push-ups. Place your hands on the floor in a wide position and place your feet on the tire behind you. With the use of your hands, lower and raise your body multiple times. This helps to improve the strength of your pectoral muscles [1].
  • Tire flips: Stand straight in front of the tire which is lying flat on the floor. Squat down and place your fingers at the bottom of the tire. Get back up, raise the tire and flip it over. When flipping it, place one of your knees forward to assist you. Do this over and over again. This exercise works on some group of muscles like the gluteal muscles [2], forearm muscles [3], hamstring [4] and abdominal muscles.
  • Lateral Jumps: Stand straight beside the tire on the floor. Squat moderately and keep your upper body straight. Jump onto the tire which is located laterally to you and land in a more moderately squat position. Get back on the floor and repeat the process again. Do this for as much as you can. This exercise helps to improve the strength of your lower body.
  • Triceps dips: Stand straight with the tire lying on the floor behind you. Place your arm behind you and rest your palm on the tire. While resting your palm on the tire, make sure your arm is straight. Place your feet further away from the tire. When in this position, bend your elbow joint and lower your body. Ensure that your buttocks do not touch the ground. Raise your body afterwards and lower your body again by bending your elbow. Do this multiple times. This exercise helps to improve the strength of your triceps [5].
  • Tire Slams: This involves the use of a sledgehammer and a tire. Look for a sledgehammer with a normal weight and stand in front of a tire with your legs far apart from each other. Use one hand to hold the shaft of the sledgehammer at the bottom while the other hand at the top. Lift the sledgehammer and hit the tire in front of you. Do this multiple times. This helps to increase the strength of your upper body.
  • Tire deadlifts: Place yourself inside the tire and bend down to grab the tire. Ensure that your knee is not overly bent. Go back into your standing position and lift the tire along with you. Bend again and stand straight again. You can do this process for as long as you want to. You can also decide to walk forward and backward with the tire. This exercise improves the strength of your gluteal muscles, hamstring and muscles of your arm.

As stated, ensure that you find a tire that goes with your strength. You will not be able to perform these exercises with heavy tires.

Benefits of Tire Workouts

Working out with tires help to increase your strength levels and it allows you to be able to perform strenuous movements. They increase the strength of your upper and lower body. It helps to boost power development.

This exercise is recommended for people who are trying to burn fats. It has been proven to be very effective.

Injuries That May Occur During Tire Workouts

Injuries can occur when you are working out with a tire, especially if the tire is very heavy. One of the major injuries that occur during tire workouts is the biceps tear [6]. Injuries can also occur in other areas of the body like the back region, the thigh and even in the knee. These injuries can be avoided. The best way to avoid injuries is to select the tire that suits your strength. You should start with tires of small sizes and as you progress in these exercises, you can move to larger tires.

Where Can You Get Tires?

Tires can be gotten anywhere especially if you stay in rural areas. You can also go online and order for tires of different sizes. You can also use tires from your car if you have an extra one. You can also see tires in gymnasiums as most of them now include tires as part of their workout equipment.

Are Tire Workouts For Everyone?

Yes, it can be done by anybody that is physically capable. You just have to make sure you are doing it correctly. People who are fat and are trying to lose weight can also perform these exercises. It helps to burn fats.

It is highly recommended for athletes as it helps to build their upper and lower body strength. It also helps to improve their mobility.


Working out with tires comes with a lot of benefits. You just have to make sure you are doing it correctly. Start with smaller tires and move to larger tires when you notice an improvement in strength. You can talk to a gym instructor so they can direct you on how to go about it.