12 Best Foods That Help Ease Your Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a term that describes a class of diseases that cause pain, inflammation, and joint stiffness. It can happen to anyone no matter the age, gender, and ethnic background.

There are various types of arthritis. One of the most common ones is osteoarthritis, [1] a type that develops with joint overuse. Another type is rheumatoid arthritis (RA), [2] an autoimmune immune condition in which your immune system attacks your joints.

Among the best ways to treat arthritis is to adjust your diet. There are many foods that can help ease symptoms from arthritis, such as inflammation and joint pain.

According to a recent survey, 24% ODLT those with RA reported that their diet impacted the severity of their symptoms. This article will discuss with you 12 foods that can help ease your arthritis pain.


There are a lot of health benefits that come with garlic. Adding garlic to your diet has shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect that may help reduce symptoms of arthritis.

A study in 70 females with active RA found that those who took a 1,000 milligram (mg) dose of a garlic supplement for 8 weeks saw blood markers for the disease reduced. They also experienced a relieving joint pain and the disease activity score.

According to another research, the researchers discovered that taking 1,000mg of garlic in tablet form can help relieve the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis and reduce pain and inflammation. Adding a whole garlic to your diet may also benefit arthritis symptoms, although there is less research on the effectiveness of eating garlic than taking garlic supplements.