High Purine Foods – Foods that Contain High Levels of Purines

Purines are organic compounds that may not be directly harmful to the body system. The human body should contain a level of purine at all times. Purine breaks down into a waste substance that is referred to as uric acid. Note that most uric acid dissolves harmlessly into the blood before the kidneys filter and remove it from the body system.

When the uric acid level in the blood is above the appropriate amount, the acid forms crystals in the bloodstream. This state leads to gout, kidney stones, and other health conditions in the body. There are two significant parts of a successful low-purine diet: recognizing and avoiding foods with high purine levels.

Red Meat

Red meat contains a higher purine content than white meat. However, it’s acceptable to consume little amounts of this met occasionally. Generally, red meat has its health benefits, but it may not be completely advisable for gout individuals.

Red meat contains a significant level of vitamins, minerals, and other helpful antioxidants. According to some observational studies, it was discovered that red meat is related to a greater risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer [1].

According to a review [2] of twenty studies and over one million individuals, it was found that processed meat was connected to an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. However, there was no direct relationship between unprocessed meat.