Fish Pedicure: Safety, Benefits, Risks, and Ethics


A fish pedicure is a procedure that involves putting your feet into a bowl filled with fish. Certain species of fishes provide healthy skin on the feet by eating the dead skin. Garra rufa, also known as doctor fish, eat the desiccated skin off the feet. They display a cleaner-looking cuticle, callous-free and smooth layer of the skin.

The first fish pedicure was done in Turkey. The country experiences hot springs, which provide a natural habitat for the fishes. People from different parts of the world visit the country to prevent and treat skin conditions on the feet. It is also popular in many Middle Eastern countries. Its popularity increased when people discovered that the procedure helps smoothen and exfoliate the feet in a soothing manner. Garra rufa fish are predominantly found in Southeast Asian and Middle East countries. In some countries, pedicurists import these fish to treat skin conditions and to use in beauty clinics.

Fish pedicures are also referred to as a form of cosmetic treatment that involves soaking your feet in the water and allowing a certain type of toothless fish to eat your desiccated skin. In some cases, some people experience certain infections after a fish pedicure.