What Do the Different Poop Colors and Shapes Mean?

What You Need to Know about Poop

Poop is also known as stool or feces, and it is a normal part of the digestive process. Poop consists of waste products that are being removed from the body. It mainly includes undigested food particles, bacteria, salts, and other products.

In some cases, poop can vary in color, texture, amount, and odor. These differences can be difficult. However, they are not important and will clear up in a day or two. Changes in the state of poop [1] can also indicate a more severe condition.

However, people do not pay much attention to their stools. Looking at them regularly can give you an idea of which colors, shapes, and textures are normal for you. This way, you can tell when something is abnormal and when you should visit a doctor.

In this article, we will be discussing the different states of poop and what they imply. These are a few things you should know about poop:

  • If you have blood in your stool, you should seek medical attention immediately.
  • Poops are supposed to be passed easily, healthily, and with minimal stress.
  • Poop can appear in different shapes, smells, and colors.