Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and More

What Is Depression?

Depression is the continuous disarray or disorder of the mood of a person that causes loss of interest in activities that was once enjoyed and sadness. It is the second most common type of mental health disorder. It is a medical condition that affects functionality, sleeping, thinking and memory. Fortunately depression is a curable health condition. There are various types of depression and they are: major depressive disorder (MDD) [1], premenstrual dysphoric disorder, [2] bipolar disorder, perinatal and postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder, anxious distress.

Symptoms of Depression

Although it may difficult to identify when someone is suffering from depression, there are still certain symptoms that could mean depression, they include:

  • Irritability and frustration
  • Loss of interest
  • Change in sleep pattern
  • Anxiety, hopelessness and sadness [3]
  • Difficulty in concentrating and remembering things
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite/ overeating
  • Digestive problems
  • Suicidal thought.