Soft Palate – What to Know

For any action that your body takes, there are a series of organs and processes involved. This includes ordinary actions like breathing, talking and eating. These actions involve hundreds of muscles and bones for you to be able to effectively perform them.

One major muscle necessary for talking, eating and breathing is the soft palate. A soft palate also referred to as the muscular palate or velum is a flexible combination of muscles and tissues.

What Is the Soft Palate?

The soft palate is located at the back of the roof of the mouth just behind the hard palate. It has no bones and is made up of only muscles and tissues. It ends in the uvula, a fleshy piece of tissue that hangs over the back of the tongue.

The soft palate is a vital organ that helps block off the nasal cavity and the nasal portion of the pharynx when you are eating or drinking. It also helps direct food to the proper direction for swallowing.