Breast Lumps: Cancerous vs. Noncancerous


When you go for breast examinations, your doctor may see lumps or changes in texture. This is commonly referred to as a sign of breast cancer. However, in some cases it is noncancerous. A lump may be cancerous or precancerous, but several harmless breast lumps exist. It gets confusing when a benign lump imitates a malignant one.

Breast lumps appear in different sizes, growth rates, and symptoms. In most cases, doctors are unable to know the cause of the lump by just a breast examination. You must visit your doctor immediately you notice any lumps in your breast.

Benign breast conditions increase the risk of developing breast lumps. You might freak out when you notice a lump, but you should visit your doctor to know if it is benign. Several tests such as mammogram, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or biopsy (when a sample of the lump is removed and observed under a microscope).