Resistance Band Exercises to Tone Your Entire Body

Shape and Size of Resistance Bands

  • Looped bands: They may appear shorter and thinner. They are also known as mini bands or Thera bands. In some cases, they are longer and thicker.
  • Non-looped bands: They are seen with or without handles.

Color and Resistance Level

  • Resistance bands occur in many different colors: Not every band in the same color will give the same resistance. It mostly depends on the manufacturer.
  • Resistance levels occur from light to heavy: Thinner, smaller bands normally occur in ranges from 1-10kg (2-40lbs) and longer, thicker ones from 5-90 kg (10-200lbs) of resistance.

Do Resistance Bonds Work for Building Muscle?

In fact, yes. Resistance bands are very useful in building muscle. Tension, sufficient recovery, muscle adaptation and progressive load are very vital in helping your muscles grow. The body eventually gets used to the bands, then you can increase the weight to enhance muscle growth.

You can perform moves like deadlifts, squats and glute bridges with a resistance band and a dumbbell to give your workout that extra feeling of tension.