Top 10 Foods Highest in Calories


Red meat tops the list of meats that contains the highest number of calories. One serving of steak packs up to 300 calories. It also contains lots of proteins [4] and fats, so if red meat takes up a significant part of your diet, it can cause weight gain. Steak contains both leucines, a protein, and creatine, a chemical acid. Both play significant roles in increasing body size and muscle mass. The different types of red meats include:

  • Beef (from cow)
  • Mutton (from lamb)
  • Goat
  • Pork (from Pig)
  • Venison (from deer)
  • Veal (from young calf)

Chicken and turkey have lower calories than red meat, but they also qualify as high-calorie foods. One full chicken breast contains up to 280 calories and one full turkey breast contains about 200 calories. Turkey is slightly leaner than chicken, but both types of meat are known as “white meat”. Red meat contains more protein myoglobin than white meat. White meat is a leaner source of protein, with a lower fat content, and all poultry meats fall under this category.