How to Prevent Your Ears from Clogging

In addition to helping the body stay balanced, the ears translate sound waves for hearing. They have a channel that enables both the exit of earwax and the intake of sound waves.

This canal may occasionally become obstructed for reasons both inside and outside the ear. In addition to causing pain and suffering, clogged ears can impair a person’s hearing and sense of balance.

This article examines the different root reasons of clogged ears, including at-home treatments, preventive measures and when to contact a doctor.

Causes of Clogged Ear

There are several conditions that can lead to blocked or clogged ears, some of which include:

Barotrauma of the ear

Also known as “airplane ear,” this condition occurs when the ear is unable to properly pressurize due to the changing air pressure on an airplane.

Ear infection

An ear infection [1], also referred to as otitis media, happens when fluid accumulates in the ear and bacteria or viruses begin to grow there. As a result, you get pain and congested ears.

An ear infection is frequently brought on by a cold or another disease that causes increased mucus production in the head. Mucus and fluid buildup can affect the ears and cause ear infections.

Foreign object in the ear

It is possible for small objects or devices that a person may use in an attempt to clean their ears, to get stuck in the ear canal. An exam plus a cotton swab. Children may also stick small items in one of their ears, resulting in a clogging sensation.

Ear wax impaction

A buildup of wax from excessive earwax production can block the ear canal and give the appearance of plugged ears. The location of hearing aids makes it more difficult for earwax to leave, which might result in earwax impaction.

Swimmers ear

This is a condition that occurs due to a person’s ear being exposed to water, and water getting trapped in the ear, causing an infection. Although this condition is most common among swimmers, it is possible to get swimmer’s ear from the shower or other moist environments.