Is the Palmitic Acid in Coconut Oil Unhealthy?

What Is Palmitic Acid?

Palmitic Acid is a common food ingredient, you may or may not have seen it listed on food ingredient labels. Reason being that, if coconut oil or palm oil are on the ingredient list, the food may very well have palmitic acid and not label it. Palmitic acid is a type of fatty acid [1] that is found in animal products and some plant oils. The question now is what is palmitic acid and what are its possible health effects? Keep reading the article to have these questions answered.

Palmitic acid is a saturated fat that can be found naturally in some animal products such as dairy and meat. It can also be found in palm oil and coconut oils. Palmitic acid may also be used as an additive in certain foods. Because of this and because palm oil and coconut oils are frequently used in processed food you might be getting palmitic acid in your diet  and not even know it.