Laser Therapy for Eczema: Does It Work?

Lasers can be an effective, noninvasive treatment for eczema. This kind of treatment can help provide direct relief to eczema conditions, whether small, specific areas of your body or large areas. Keep reading this article to learn what you need to know if you are considering laser treatment for eczema.

What Is Laser Treatment for Eczema?

Laser therapy is a type of photobiomodulation [1], or light therapy. This type of therapy involves using light to create a physiological effect in tissue and cells.

Laser therapy can be in different wavelengths and light sources, depending on the specific purpose and what you are treating. According to a 2019 research [2] some treatments utilize lasers and some use light-emitting diodes (Leads).

In a 2014 research [3], it was discovered that one of the most effective forms of laser therapy comes from the excimer laser, which uses an ultraviolet B radiation system. The laser is an effective treatment for eczema in both children and adults.