Atherosclerosis Meal Plans: What Should You Eat and Avoid


Atherosclerosis is a medical condition that occurs when cholesterol, calcium, and other biochemical products accumulate on the walls of blood vessels. It can be treated via various methods. One of the most popular treatment methods for the condition is diet changes. Doctors usually advise people with atherosclerosis to stay away from foods that contain high cholesterol levels.

People with atherosclerosis should consume a low calorie, normal protein, low sodium and potassium, restricted fat, high fiber, high mineral and vitamins, and complex carbohydrate diet. These foods reduce the risk of experiencing health complications and may help treat the condition. They also help reduce the risk of preventing clogged arteries and heart disease. Examples of foods that help treat the condition include leafy greens, oats, fish, tomatoes, beans, berries, and more.