Low Fiber Meal Plan – List of Low Fiber Foods

Some vegetables, grains, and fruits have fibers; these fibers cannot be broken down in the body. When people are placed on a low-fiber diet by nutritionists, the aim is to reduce to consumption of fibers, absence of fibers in food reduces the thickness of stool and reduces the number of unprocessed foods that pass through the large intestine, consumption of diets with excess fibers causes inflammation to the bowel and block narrow parts of the bowel.

These meals leave residue behind after digestion. Food low in fiber assists in the prevention of obstruction and inflammation of the bowel. They are also recommended by doctors when consuming food after surgery and after going through a liquid diet.

White Bread and White Rice

White bread has low fiber. According to research done by experts from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Research Council, four slices of bread provide close to 6% of the daily fiber needed by the body. It has high calories and carbohydrates content but is low in fats, fiber, vitamins, protein, and minerals.

White rice has 0.4g of dietary fiber and a high nutritional value. White rice is called empty carbs because the bran and germ are usually removed, leaving only the endosperm, losing its main source of nutrients. White rice is rich in iron, folic acid [1], thiamine, niacin, and others. White rice does not contain gluten; they contain a high glycemic index; this implies that the carbs present in white rice change quickly into blood sugar. However, excess consumption of white rice results can lead to type 2 diabetes.